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2005 31/22 Anderson Rocketech -9 Used Fastpitch Softball Bat
Location: Baltimore, MD, USA
Brand/Style: 2005 Anderson Rocketech
Shipping: $6.99
Return Policy: Returns Accepted
$149.00 Used » Click for Details
2005 Anderson Rocketech 32/23 ASA Fastpitch Softball Bat
Location: Findlay, OH, USA
Brand/Style: 2005 Anderson Rocketech
Shipping: Free
Return Policy: Click
$125.00 Used » Click for Details
Anderson Bat Company Rocketech (-9) Fast Pitch Softball Bat
Location: Amazon Warehouse
Brand/Style: 2005 Anderson Rocketech
Shipping: Click
Return Policy: Returns Accepted
$0.01 See Site New » Click for Details

2005 Anderson Rocketech Details

The Anderson RockeTech Fast Pitch, with its all-alloy exterior multiwall design, has a barrel-weighted minus 9 swing weight and is designed to take advantage of a strong fast pitch hitter's skill and ability. The Rocketech is as hot as it can be and still be legal. If you're serious enough to put in the time at practice, you're ready for the RFP and the results you deserve. However, you may need a bigger trophy case because the Rocketech is a souvenir maker.


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